Rentokil PCI launches “Mosquito Control” Innovation to keep Mosquito-borne diseases at bay 

  • Introduces Cold Fogging, a long-lasting, more environment-friendly solution 
  • Offers Mosclean IG1, an eco-friendly outdoor mosquito control solution for wider coverage 

Bengaluru, 22nd September 2021 : Rentokil PCI, one of the leading pest control service providers in India launched “Mosquito Control” Innovation. An innovative, product-based solution, it is aimed at dealing with the threat of mosquito-borne diseases which are on the rise in India. 

Known as ‘Cold Fogging’, the innovative solution involves blasting the mixture of insecticide and water into very fine micron-sized droplets through a fogging (ULV) machine. It is an odorless solution that does not contaminate non-targeted areas, which makes it environment-friendly. Much quieter than traditional thermal fogging services, it leaves a long-lasting residual effect as the fog particles remain active for up to 10 -12 days, enabling more contact time with adult mosquitoes in the air. 

The product-based innovation ‘Mosclean IG1’ is an eco-friendly mosquito trap that attracts mosquitoes using LED lights. The trap is scientifically proven to catch and kill mosquitoes particularly those transmitting the Zika virus.The Mosclean IG1 is non-hazardous and works on a photocatalytic reaction that releases carbon dioxide (CO2), which is irresistible to mosquitoes and thus the capture and killing of mosquitoes by dehydration. 

That’s not all. Rentokil PCI will soon be launching “PCI’s Anti-Mosquito Racquet’  The product will be the first Mosquito product in the Rentokil PCI’s Consumer Product range under the PCI brand.   

David Lewis, MD of Rentokil PCI, said: “The onset of the monsoon season also signals the peak time for disease-causing insects such as houseflies, dung flies, and mosquitoes. These insects can spread a variety of life-threatening diseases through bites and by infecting food and surfaces. The Mosquito Control Innovation will help combat such challenges and offer a solution that ensures a safer, better, and more protected community.” 

The World Health Organization ranks mosquitoes among the top threats to public health, especially in developing countries. As per a recent study, mosquitoes are responsible for 830,000 human deaths annually. Eradicating mosquito-transmitted diseases must therefore be a top priority, eliciting not just effective government stewardship, but also the involvement of civil society, private-sector engagement, and the participation of affected communities. 

With a nationwide presence, Rentokil PCI adheres to the highest standards of compliance with safety measures and regulations, thereby Protecting People and Enhancing Lives. These services are provided by Rentokil professionals who are better trained than the conventional cleaning personnel and have years of experience working in situations with strict hygiene requirements. Consumers across India can now expect 100% safe, trusted, and effective services for their residential premises. 

About Rentokil PCI 

Rentokil PCI is the leading pest control service provider in India. A Rentokil Initial brand, Rentokil PCI was formed in 2017 through a joint venture (JV) between Pest Control India, the number one pest control company in India, and Rentokil, the world’s leading pest control brand. Rentokil PCI aims to set new standards for customer service having operations across 300 locations in India. Rentokil PCI also focuses on developing industry-leading service operations through the sharing of best practices, innovations, and the use of digital technologies.    

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