Riding car rentals for emergency trips

Back in 2004 while working in CISCO, Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Savaari Car Rentals,
decided to fly down from US to Delhi and further drive to Roorkee to visit his family. Prior to
departing from the US to India, Gaurav decided to a book a cab service for hassle-free journey.
To his astonishment, Gaurav was not able to find a single reliable online car rental service
provider. That’s when Gaurav decided to pioneer a car rental company which would provide
travellers like him commuting long distances without any knowledge about the city, its
surroundings and routes.
Finally in 2006 Gaurav Aggarwal gave wings to his entrepreneurial spirit which he
moonlighted while still working in the USA. Finally in 2011, Gaurav decided to move lock stock
and barrel to India to work full time in the company he founded after spending a decade in
the US. The experience of working in a complex environment helped him in designing a
completely customized and scalable backend for Savaari from scratch.
In the words of Gaurav Aggarwal, “my cousin who was in the travel business was instrumental
in giving deep and interesting insights into the industry. I spent two years doing my own
research before formally infusing life into Savaari”.
A strong technocrat, Gaurav’s passion for Information Technology saw him build India’s
leading online chauffeur-driven car rental company. Gaurav’s key contribution to building the
robust backend shows that he is a Technical Product Manager at heart and Savaari is a true
technology company in its DNA. Apart from being the backbone behind the technology,
Gaurav is deeply involved in marketing and business development at Savaari. He is extremely
proud of Savaari’s business model which is projected to organize the $15B Indian Car Rental
Under Gaurav’s leadership, Savaari has emerged as India’s leading online chauffeur-driven car
rental company which today has a nation-wide presence in 2000+ cities offering one-way
service, intercity service, airport service, Intercity round trips, intercity one-way drops and
local hourly rentals. Gaurav has also been instrumental in introducing various industry-leading
initiatives like COVID-19 insurance coverage for its driver-partners and customers; one-way
service which is now available in 5 lakh routes in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Gaurav’s visionary
leadership has helped him forge associations with marquee partners like Makemytrip, Yatra,
and Aditya Birla Group and other noteworthy names in the travel & tourism space. As a
passionate and dynamic leader, Gaurav inspires innovation in his team every day. Over the
years, he has built an effective yet well-balanced work culture at Savaari.
Gaurav’s penchant for providing a holistic and pleasurable travel experience to travellers is
reinforced by this commitment to provide to provide safe and hygienic commute at a time
when the second wave of the pandemic has hit us like a Tsunami.
With ambitious plans up his sleeve, Gaurav’s vision is to make Savaari the first and only choice
of car rentals for travellers.

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