Aparna Group Undertakes COVID Vaccination Drive for 4000 Employees & 6000 Frontline Labourers

National, 05th May, 2021: Aparna Group, a conglomerate focused on building materials manufacturing and real estate today announced that they have initiated the vaccination drive for their employees and their frontline staff across their brands Aparna Enterprises Limited and Aparna Constructions and Estates Private Limited. The vaccination drive, which will be sponsored by Aparna Group, will be covering close to 4000 employees and 6000 frontline labourers across the markets that the Group operates in.

With this voluntary vaccination drive for interested employees and workers, Aparna Group has reaffirmed their belief in the collective well-being of the community. So far, 360 employees have taken the vaccine and more are expected to complete the process soon. Apart from this, the company is also taking all possible measures to ensure employee safety, maintain morale and assist employees with their requirements even beyond the realm of day to day work.

Having started on 02 April, the voluntary vaccination drive opened for employees above the age of 45 and has progressed seamlessly across Aparna’s Group’s Corporate Offices, Manufacturing Units and Construction Sites. Now with the government opening vaccination for everyone above the age of 18, Aparna Group will also be extending the drive to provide all employees and workers suitable opportunity to get themselves vaccinated.

Aparna Group’s ethos has always been that for the “overall well-being of the society, the fruits of development must flow to the underprivileged.” With this vision the company has undertaken numerous society focused initiatives through ‘Aparna Novel Society for Welfare and Research’ (ANSWER), the company’s non-government organization which has founded in 2007. ANSWER primarily works in the areas of housing, water, sanitation, health services, employment and education.

The company was also one of the first few who had come forward and extended monetary support towards the Prime Minister Relief Fund and the Chief Ministers Relief Fund in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh during the onset of the pandemic. The Group had donated INR 5 crores towards COVID welfare initiatives.


About Aparna Group: Aparna Group believes in bringing world-class technologies and in delivering world-class products in India. The group started its operations in the year 1990, and by 1996 the Aparna Group diversified into Building Materials and Real Estate Development. Today, Aparna Group has achieved revenue of around 2500 Crores in the FY 2019-20. The company’s ethos believes that for the “overall well-being of the society, the fruits of development must flow to the underprivileged.” With this in mind, the ‘Aparna Novel Society for Welfare and Research’ (ANSWER) was initiated by the company in 2007. Through this initiative Aparna Group has transformed lives of many underprivileged children as well as senior citizens. 

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