India’s leading personal care brand, Dr Rhazes collaborates with Karnataka State Reserve Police

The company distributes 14,000 units of its bestseller2-hour Ultra Protect Gel to help police personnel in their relentless efforts to curb the spread of Covid19

Bengaluru, 29thOctober 2020: Tackling the persistent challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic is no mean task – especially for the frontline’s warriors in the police force. Lives are lost in the line of duty; health risks are at an all-time high.

Keeping this in mind, Dr Rhazes today announced its collaboration with Karnataka State Reserve Police to provide them with superior quality and world class hygiene related products. As part of the collaboration, the company distributed 14,000 units of Dr Rhazes 2-hour Ultra Protect Gel to the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) on Wednesday.

Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Gel provides superior defence that lastslonger – over two hours – than the protectionoffered by any other sanitizercurrently available in the market.

Alok Kumar, ADGP, KSRP, said, “Our team has been at the forefront, providing agile and urgent responses to the countless challenges arising from the unprecedented crisis. It’s heartening to see the appreciation for our work, but the crisis is far from over. We are grateful for the contribution by Dr Rhazes and Iam hopeful that the Ultra Protect Gel with 2 hours of proactive protection will give my team a greater sense of security as they continue to do their vital work during the pandemic.”

The Singapore-based FMCG conglomerate, Believe PTE. Ltd, recently launched its portfolio of disruptive products in personal care under the brand Dr Rhazes in India, with cricket legend Sourav Ganguly as the brand ambassador. Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Gel with 2 hours protection against viruses & bacteria has revolutionized personal care and hygiene products in the backdrop of Covid-19.

Ankit Mahajan, Co-founder, Dr Rhazes noted, “As the world continues to strengthen its fight against the pandemic, we need to ensure that our frontline warriors are well-equipped to do their jobs safely. At Dr Rhazes, we take this opportunity to thank the KSRP for their brave efforts to keep the citizens safe and secure. Our innovative product Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Gel with 2 hours of proactive protection will help ensure that the police personnel no longer have to worry about re-applying sanitizers and sprays every few minutes. The idea is to simplify the solution by taking a proactive approach to be safe.”

While traditional sanitizers protect you from illness-causing viruses and bacteria, they do not provide continuous protection. Their effect lasts only up to a few minutes. There is always a chance of touching an infected surface after sanitizing your hands, especially when you are out in public places.

DrRhazes Ultra Protect Gel protects you from viruses and bacteria for over two hours, even after multiple contacts with a surface. It contains 70% ethanol and has a proprietary mix of anti-microbial compounds, ensuring that a single application kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria and gives you active, ongoing protection for more than two hours. It forms an invisible layer on the handsand inactivates viruses and bacteria that come in contact with your hands.

Designed and developed in Singapore and Made in India, Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Gel has been tested and Certified by NABL accredited labs.

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