Munchilicious Granola paves its way into the Silicon Valley of India launching a healthy and mid-meal snacking option

●       Now present in more than 100+ premium retail stores across Bengaluru

●       Also expanding its presence in Pune

●       Contains nutritious ingredients that promote healthy lifestyle

Bengaluru, October 27, 2020: Munchilicious Granola (A Soch Foods LLP Product), with its healthy breakfast and the mid-meal snacking option has paved its way into the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru. The brand is currently present in major metro cities that are Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Delhi, and now spreading its reach to the people of Bengaluru.

Talking about the brand’s presence in the first phase, Munchilicious Granola has already made its way into more than 100+ retail stores in Bengaluru. Munchilicious is now reaching out to people of Bengaluru with the goodness of its nutritious granola with its three variants such as Original, Dried Fruits and Dark Chocolate. The healthy yet tasty Munchilicious Granola is also available on various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, and many more. Under its expansion plan Munchilicious will be available in 70 more stores in the coming months.

Munchilicious is mainly focusing on the traditional distribution model and will associate with all A+ retail stores, supermarkets and nutrition stores in Bengaluru. A lot of emphases would also be laid on marketing where the company will use product sampling as the main tool to reach out to customers. Also, with the help of retail collaterals Munchilicious tends to focus on creating awareness about it benefits to the consumers.

Now with the office goers making their way back to their desks and keeping in mind the ever-so-busy Bengaluru work-life, Munchilicious has also launched its 40gm pack which can be a healthy on-the-go breakfast, a perfect tea-time snack, or can be consumed while waiting for the signal to turn green. The existing 500gm pack makes up for a wholesome breakfast and snack, but the new smaller pack is a great on-the-go munchie with the same nutrient values.

Mr. Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Founder & CEO, Munchilicious Granola (A SOCH Foods LLP Product), said, “We are expanding our presence in Bengaluru with our top three variants that are Original, Dried Fruits and Dark Chocolate. We have set our eyes on crossing the milestone of 5L+ in 2 months. With an overwhelming response that we have received in other metro cities, I am sure Bengaluru will be as accommodating. With this expansion, we plan to inculcate the idea of conscious snaking among our consumers.”

Munchilicious is a brand of Soch Foods LLP that aims to usher-in a healthy food lifestyle in general and particularly for the new-age, health-conscious, as well as time-starved working professionals. Over a short period, Munchilicious has made its way to leading retail platforms across India, such as Nature’s Basket, Spencers, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. Presently, Munchilicious Granola is available in the popular variants of Dried Fruits, Original, Grain-Free, Desi-Twist, and Dark Chocolate. Consumers can enjoy Munchilicious Granola directly out of the box and also with milk, ice-cream, yogurt, smoothies, and protein shakes, amongst others. All Munchilicious products are tested in Asia’s trusted and well-known Lab TUV SUD and are ISO22000 certified. Mrs. Purvi Pugalia, the co-promoter of SOCH Foods, is the Master Chef of Munchilicious Granola, who supervises the taste and quality aspects of the brand.

About Soch Foods LLP

Food for thought, thought for food! Mr. Rohit Mohan Pugalia and his better half Mrs. Purvi Rohit Pugalia who transformed their passion for food into a successful venture, started Soch Foods LLP with a small “Soch” (thought) of providing healthy snacking options. The company was founded with a thought that arose after the duo observed healthy eating patterns of fitness-conscious Indians. Soch Foods LLP was incorporated on 2nd May 2016. Started as a home kitchen company, today they are manufacturing and exporting healthy granola snacks under the brand name “Munchilicious” to many countries. Munchilicious is a healthy breakfast and mid-meal snacking brand of Soch Foods LLP that promotes healthy and conscious eating. It currently has five delicious variants of Granola. The munchies come power-packed with nutrition and fall-in-love-with the taste that even your palate welcomes with a warm heart! It is also available on

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