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Bengaluru, April 19, 2020: Infosys Foundation Chairman Sudha Murty has come forward to help the workers of the cinema sector who have been affected by Covid-19.

With the support of 18 associations of the cinema sector, Infosys Foundation initiated the programme of distributing essential commodities near Banashankari post office in Bengaluru on Sunday.

Producer Ramesh Reddy, Sa Ra Govindu, president of the Welfare Trust of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Kannada Cinema Workers Association vice-president Ravi Shankar set the initiative in motion. The initiative which was symbolically started on Sunday by Infosys Foundation will be carried forward by the various association of the cinema sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramesh Reddy, producer of “Galipaata-2” lauded the charitable work of Sudha Murty of Infosys Foundation in various parts of the country including Karnataka.

Sa Ra Govindu expressed his gratitude to Sudha Murthy, who has come in aid of the cinema employees and their employees who come under 18 different associations.

Cinema Workers Association vice-president, Infosys Foundation Prashanth and others also participated in the launch of the programme.

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