LEAD School@Home now open to all children; LEAD School is now the largest online school in India, offering home learning to over 13,800 students in Karnataka

  • Currently availed by 600+ partner schools across India with 2.5 Lakh students
  • 30 lakh video views since April 2, 2020

Bengaluru, April 17, 2020: With the nationwide lockdown extended till May 3, 2020, and schools remaining shut across the country, LEAD School is aiding over 13,800 students in Karnataka and 2.5 lakh school students to continue their learning online and ensuring there is no disruption in their academic year. The move comes amid the coronavirus outbreak and the 15th April directive from the Government of India asking educational institutions to maintain academic schedules through online learning platforms.

Currently, over 13,800 students have benefitted through this program across 38 schools in Karnataka alone.

Even before the government imposed the 21-day national lockdown, LEAD School — one of the fastest-growing technology-enabled academic systems in India — launched its unique School@Home programme on 16th March itself when only a few state governments had started announcing lockdowns. Bringing the school right into living rooms, LEAD School then started the new academic year on 2nd April and, till date, online classes under the programme have generated approximately 30 lakh video views. The initiative has made remote or distance learning accessible to students in over 600 English-medium schools, leading to a paradigm shift in India’s school education system.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the LEAD School@Home programme is based entirely on the core syllabus conceived by central and state education boards, and taught in schools. The students will study the regular curriculum as they would in schools, and not supplementary courses that other education platforms are offering.

There are 250 million students that go to schools in India, and many of them yet do not have access to online school. LEAD School@Home is now open to any child across India. Parents can register their child using https://leadschool.in/lead-school-at-home.html.

LEAD School is a technology-first, multi-modal learning platform which has been continuously innovating. And because of its technology-enabled new ways of learning; today the partner schools, parents as well as students have reaped its benefits as it is a lot easier for them to adapt to this new normal of learning.

LEAD School is collaborating with school owners, administrators and teachers to offer the many benefits under School@Home, which, apart from starting the academic year on time, also includes live online classes from Day 1 and digital content and workbooks for students. Students do not require any extra device to start learning. LEAD School is also helping its partner-schools adopt the right technology to improve their processes, make education more student-centric, empower teachers, and ensure quality performance among both students and teachers.

LEAD School Co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “The disruption of education in pre-schools and K-12 schools due to the pandemic and the lockdown has created uncertainty in the minds of school owners, teachers, students and parents. There is apprehension among students that they may lose a year if schools do not reopen on time. To assuage their concerns, we lost no time in making the LEAD School@Home programme accessible to all English-medium schools across the country. This is in keeping with our mission to impart education in both good and bad times, and our firm belief that learning is a continuous and a lifelong process. School@Home has been designed in a way that students in both ‘urban India’ and ‘rural Bharat’ find easy to comprehend and learn in the comfort of their homes. I am confident that this integrated learning system will benefit all stakeholders — and none more than the students who need it right now.”

Till date, LEAD School has catered to over 3 lakh students in 800+ affordable private schools across cities and Tier 2, 3 and 4 towns. The LEAD School@Home programme is already available to students affiliated to all CBSE and State boards in the country. The LEAD School Parent App provides students with homework and assessments, while keeping parents informed of their children’s academic progress.

For information on live classes, homework and assessments log on to http://bit.ly/LEADappforparent.

For schools wanting to join the LEAD School@Home program, call 8682833333.

About LEAD School

LEAD School is promoted by Leadership Boulevard, one of the fastest growing education companies in India. Established in 2012, LEAD School is an integrated learning system for schools that helps students learn at an excellent level. LEAD School integrates technology, curriculum and pedagogy into a single system of teaching and learning, thus improving student learning and teacher performance in schools across the country. LEAD School owns six schools and partners with 800+ schools with an estimated 3 lakh+ students in more than 300 cities, including tier 2 to tier 4 cities, in 15 States.

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