Team of investment experts launch ‘’ – a subscription-based research and recommendations platform for investors

Team of investment experts launch ‘’ – a subscription-based research and recommendations platform for investors

New-age FinTech platform will be no-commissions, no-ads – ensuring unbiased advice

 Bengaluru, 17th  FEBRUARY 2020: Investment advisory veterans Srikanth Meenakshi, Vidya Bala, and Bhavana Acharya have announced the launch of a new-age subscription-based research platform – With a focus on providing research-as-a-service (RaaS), is a platform for retail investors seeking quality, unbiased guidance for their personal finance decisions. Investors will be able to access in-depth research and recommendations on mutual funds (MFs), bonds, fixed deposit products and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Soon, stock and insurance recommendations will be added to the offerings as well.

The team that has launched this platform has extensive experience in investment research and advice having helped thousands of investors across the country attain their financial goals. Srikanth was the co-founder of FundsIndia, a leading mutual fund platform in India, while Vidya headed the research function along with Bhavana.

To equip its customers in making informed investment decisions, the team at sifts through hundreds of personal finance products and filters them using exhaustive quantitative and qualitative metrics. The extensive research is distilled into a shortlist of investment-worthy products that can meet every imaginable financial aspiration.

New users can begin with a 15-day trial and get access to all articles and select recommendations.

Srikanth Meenakshi, co-founder, said, “There are several platforms that cater to the order execution needs of investors, including those that offer ‘Direct’ plans and such. However, investors are left to wonder as to where to invest and what are the best products out there. PrimeInvestor was conceived to cater to this felt need that could make or break an investor’s wealth”.

He added, “At PrimeInvestor, we are working together with a purpose to equip our customers with in-depth research to help them take informed investment decisions. Throughout our journey, without any external influences, we will stay committed to ensure financial wellness of our customers.”

Vidya Bala, co-founder, said, “Ours is a purely customer-focused no-commission, no ad model. Our only source of income would be subscription. This will enable us to stay free from biases and conflicts of interest and focus on what’s good for the investor.”

Bhavana Acharya, co-founder, said, “We cater to a wide range of investors – regardless of how experienced they are with investing. Every investor will benefit from our list of recommended funds – Prime Funds, our review tool that gives you firm opinions about your funds, and Prime Deposits, our curated list of deposit products. We also have ready-to-go portfolios for beginner investors, and ETFs and Theme Park selections for the knowledgeable”.

There is more – subscribers will be regularly engaged with high-quality insights and updates about funds, investment options, markets, and strategies. Prime Ratings is PrimeInvestor’s innovative in-house rating system for mutual funds.

All these solutions and services are available for an annual subscription fee – which has an introductory price of Rs 2,500 per year, a figure kept deliberately accessible relative to comparable offerings in the market to ensure that the benefits of the platform are within the reach of every investor in the country.


PrimeInvestor is an unbiased, independent, personal finance research platform from Redwood Research. Its aim is to empower investors with simple, meaningful and actionable insights, recommendations, and solutions to build wealth for all aspirations and financial needs. It earns zero commissions or incentives from product providers. It will rely on subscription fees from investors, keeping them free of biases. is developed by Redwood Research, a SEBI-registered research analyst firm based out of Chennai.

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