“Cross Connection” – Debut Novelist Preety Praveen Unveils Unique Love Story

Bangalore, Feb 15, 2020: Preety Praveen launched her maiden novel ‘Cross Connection’ on 14th February 2020, at Sapna Book House, Bangalore. The realistic fiction read is inspired by a true story and published by Blue Rose Publishers.

Speaking at the launch, Sandhya Mendonca, author, media entrepreneur, cultural evangelist and chief guest of the event said “When love is in the air, right in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a good old fashioned love story – girl meets boy and then follow the pangs of separation and hardships that destiny throws their way. This couple shares an extraordinary love story and the romantic in me cheers them!”

Cross Connection is a story of love, commitment and destiny. Set in the simple town of Salem, Tamil Nadu, the storyline takes readers through the lives of Simar and Naveen, who are distinctly different people, with whom one can identify with almost instantaneously. With nothing in common, destiny brings them together in a captivating plot, connecting them in a lifelong bond.

“I have always been passionate about writing, and penning down this love story which is really close to my heart, was a beautiful experience. The readers of Cross Connection will surely enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions. I want them to believe in and cherish the value of true friends, how and when to stand by them and most importantly the power of destiny,” says Preety Praveen speaking about her debut novel.

Cross Connection is sure to strike the right chord as it connects the lives of Simar, a bold and brilliant girl with a pampered upbringing and Naveen a determined youngster with a brusque exterior. While she traces her roots to Punjab, he comes from Kerala. Long after recognizing and accepting their love for each other, the couple have a tough battle ahead of them convincing their respective parents to accept their relationship. Simar has to also cope from the turmoil of recovering from a life threatening car crash without Naveen by her side. Through love, tears, anger, sacrifice, sadness, hope, triumph and joy, the captivating plot makes Cross Connection a compelling read.

Syed Asad Hassan, Managing Director of Blue Rose Publishers, speaking on the launch of Preety’s novel said “It was a pleasure working with Preety Praveen on this book. The moment we read the story for the first time, we knew instantly that it was one that would connect with people on many levels. Also, what better time to launch a book like this than the valentines season itself. This book is definitely a must read book and I am confident that it will leave a mark on this genre for many years to come.”

A Bangalore based psychologist, Preety Praveen draws from her personal and professional experiences to give readers an insight into the ups and downs of relationships and the importance of commitment. Cross Connection is released in collaboration with Avasar Foundation and a percentage of the profits are pledged to open doors of education for girl children.

Cross Connection is priced at Rs. 299 and available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues and leading bookstores across the country.

Preety Praveen is also penning down a sequel to the book, titled ‘A Pocket Full of Promises.’ As the name suggests, the book is an honest take on the ups and downs Simar and Naveen face after marriage.

Blurb of the book:

To accomplish the dreams of her parents, Simar, a girl from Punjab, lands up in Tamil Nadu to complete her degree in dentistry. But fate had written a different story for her. Struggling to survive in a new world, she meets the love of her life, Naveen, a boy from Kerala. Smiling in the world of their love, they weave a beautiful life around their dreams. But everything changes once Naveen leaves India, trying his luck to get a job abroad. After a year, he comes back to marry her…but…is she still there waiting for him…???

 About the publisher:

Blue Rose is an experienced and affordable Delhi based self-publishing company, with a huge network across the nation. With over 3000+ titles of different languages and genres published in the recent past, Blue Rose Publishers stands as one of the fastest growing self-publishing platforms in India. Established in October 2012, they have more than 50000+ registered authors and thousands of followers on different social media sites and a phenomenal reach in over 140 countries. With 50+ creative souls onboard and 3000+ accomplished dreams on various shelves, Blue Rose has now become a huge family which is growing with every passing day and becoming best book publisher in India.

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