Hairline International Hair & Skin Research Center Completes 4 successful years.

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Introduces 4 State of -the- Art Research Machines

Bangalore, August 8th, 2017: Hairline International Hair & Skin Research Center has just completed 4 successful years of conducting meaningful research. With a number of successful research projects now been conducted, the Center has enhanced its research facilities manifold with the introduction of advanced machines

  • The Hair Trichometry Test – The Trichometry Test allows to track down information about patient’s hair growth by calculating an approximate overall average hair density, diameter, growth and shedding rates, based on diagnostic data available for a patient. This includes a comparison with the statistically established norms for a healthy individual, based on sex, age and racial variation for hair average criteria.
  • The Sebumeter: The Sebumeter is another introduction that helps in the detection of the amount of sebum secreted by your skin. This helps create customized packages for skin. The TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss) machine measures the water content and evaluates the moisture of the skin.
  • The Dandruff Meter – The Dandruff Meter measures the extent of dandruff accumulated on scalp and what kind of shampoos will help eliminate it.
  • The Gloss Meter -The Gloss Meter helps in the measurement of gloss which is essential in the efficacy testing of skin care, hair care and decorative cosmetics.

Each of these technologically advanced machines contributes to enhancing the organization’s capacity for hair and skin product testing as well.

Speaking on the 4th year anniversary and the launch of these machines, Dr. Premalatha V, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International says, “The research center has been a strong supporting factor to the work that we do here at Hairline International. From being able to identify underlying causes of ailments to providing person-specific products in treatment and therapy, the research center has been a huge benefit. The latest machines that we now have will only help us enhance our efficiency”.

Speaking on the advanced technology that supports the work done at the research institute, Dr. Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International says, “We have introduced these machines to enhance the quality of research conducted and to create a base of information that is reliable and which helps in understanding underlying causes of hair and skin ailments, allowing for a change in lifestyle.

Hairline International Hair and Skin Research Center is well staffed with 8 clinicians and 4 non-medical staff as a support team. A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) committee is in place to ensure that all relevant protocols are formulated and implemented. Studies are conducted by clinicians and record maintenance is handled by an independent department that also acts as a liaison between the 7 centers of Hairline International – to collect information and data.

A few successful research conducted by Hairline International Hair and Skin Research Center are –

  • A 6 month study that found heightened levels of Bisphenol A, a common element found in plastic to be in the blood of patients suffering from hair and skin ailments.
  • In a study it was found that 75% of IT professional who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia also have hypertension, which can largely be attributed to their sedentary lifestyle
  • Another study found that over 50% of hair transplant patients were in the 20-30 year age bracket and suffered hair loss from factors such as impure water and pollution.
  • In a study conducted among the residents of RT Nagar, it was revealed that underground water had higher zinc levels in it. The intake of water with higher metal levels was found to be the cause of excessive hair loss noticed in the residents of the area.
  • In a 6-month study conducted by the Hairline Research Centre on 100 patients of hair loss, it was concluded from an observation of eating habits that non-vegetarianism may be one of the causes for baldness.
  • In a study it was found that 80% of the hair fall patients visiting the clinic were PFOA positive. This study highlighted the effects of Teflon that contains Perflurootanic Acid (PFOA), on hair fall.

With numerous research projects in the pipeline, Hairline International also works on occasion with external agencies such as Abbott on research projects. The idea is also to expand research capabilities to support major brands in the hair and skin treatment sector.

About Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic

Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic has carved an indelible name for itself in the field of Trichology and Skin care and its medical management. Spread over 7 clinics in Bangalore, with a research center, pathology lab and a stem cell lab in the making, Hairline International believes in creating a strong foundation with medical professionals in varying fields of diabetology, gastroenterology, gynecologists, trichologists and dermato-surgeons as well as cosmetic surgeons – drawn from multiple specialties but all working towards a scientific and technologically advanced means of hair and skin care management.

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